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Dear New Jersey District of Key Club International,

I, Chiara Fune, a sophomore from Brick Memorial High School am pleased to inform you that I will be serving as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 8 for the 2017-2018 Key Club Service Year. For this year, I hope not only to be your Lieutenant Governor, but also to be your friend.

Since I was in eighth grade I knew little about Key Club because of my sister, who was greatly involved in the club, and I always knew that I wanted to join this club. Before I moved to United States about four years ago, I lived in Philippines for over twelve years. There, I was able to see many people outside of this country who lived in poverty and who did not have enough education that they deserved. Because of this, there was always a part of me that wanted to contribute to the community. Before I joined this club, I decided to volunteer at a hospital in my area. While I was volunteering, I was able to work with nurses, doctors and cancer patients; and help them in any way that I can.

As freshman year started, my life with Key Club also started. My home school held walks to raise money with fundraisers helping out as well. At Halloween time, we helped elementary schools with their Halloween dance by assisting with the whole event. Winter season approached and we helped schools with Christmas workshops. When Valentine’s Day rolled around, we helped POAC Autism Service with their Valentine’s Dance for the autistic children. My desire to help others grew, as I attended each of these events and many more; seeing the happy faces of the kids and people who had such a great time. Key Club has truly changed my life since I joined it; changing me to be the person I want to be today. I am glad to have learned new skills such as public speaking, organization, responsibility and many more. I know that with the help of everyone in this organization, I will be a better person.

Although Key Club has always been my top priorities, I also have other activities outside of this club. These include Field Hockey in fall, Winter Track, Lacrosse, VOICES and Student Government Association (SGA).VOICES is a club that also volunteers and helps senior citizens. Not to mention that I also hold a treasurer position in Class of 2019. All of these activities and clubs have helped me to become more organized, responsible, confident, and positive and have excellent time management skill.

For 2017-2017 Key Club’s service year, some of my goals are:

With this, I am very thrilled to be working with you this year. I hope the year will be a successful, fulfilling year filled with excitement. Feel free to ask any questions and/or advice to me at any time; and, I will be glad to help. I am not only here as your Lieutenant Governor, but also as you friend.

Yours in Caring and Service,

Chiara Fune

Lieutenant Governor of Division 8 New Jersey District of Key Club International

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