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Maureen McLean

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Dear Division 9,

My name is Maureen McLean and I am honored to introduce myself the Lieutenant Governor of

Division 9 for the 2017-2018 service year. I am beyond excited to be working with all of you this

service year and to get to know you all on a personal level as well.

To start, I would like to say a few things about myself. I am currently a junior at the Marine Academy

of Science and Technology. I have a myriad of diverse hobbies ranging from cheerleading and rugby

to reading and just hanging out with friends. Maybe surprisingly, I am involved with organizations

outside of Key Club including being the vice president of my school’s Technology Student

Association, a Girl Scout for as long as I can remember, and an officer for my class’ student council.

Don’t tell the other clubs, but Key Club has always been my favorite.

As I start my term as Lieutenant Governor, I think back to my start in Key Club. I joined merely

because my sister told me basically the entire school joined, and looking back, I have never been so

happy to follow the crowd. A few months later, I attended Fall Rally, my first district wide event, and

it was honestly a shocking experience. Never before had I been a part of such a far-reaching

community. Fall Rally helped me realize that Key Club actually extended beyond my home club. At

my first DCON that same year, I remember seeing a senior from my school as lieutenant governor,

standing up on stage representing Division 9 and MAST so well, and knowing from then on, I would

dedicate myself to Key Club. As I progressed through high school, the relationships I formed through

meeting people at events like Fall Rally, DCON, and Key Leader have led me to have caring friends

that share my same passion for service.

I have big goals for this service year:

• Boost attendance at district events, specifically Fall Rally and District Convention

• Have all officers trained by Fall Rally

• Have 100% dues paid by the Early Bird Deadline of November 1st

• Visit each club at least once

• Build at least one K-Family Club

• Hold at least one divisional event

• Increase general member involvement

• Perform all my responsibilities in a timely manner

The list could go on. Together, I know we can meet all expectations and even blow them out of the

water. I am truly looking forward to working with Division 9 and the New Jersey District as a whole

and of course, becoming friends with all of you. Feel free to email me at or

call or text me at any time at 732-778-8069 with any comments, questions, concerns, or even to just

say “hi.”

Yours in Caring and Service,

Maureen McLean

Lieutenant Governor of Division 9

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