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Hello New Jersey Key Clubbers,

My name is Svanik Shirodkar and I am proud and excited to be serving as your 2017-2018 New Jersey District Webmaster. I am currently a junior at John F. Kennedy Memorial Key Club and I served as Editor this year. Programming is something that I began in Middle School which originally started off as something that was interesting, but since that fateful day I’ve been to numerous programming competitions, won some, written thousands of lines of code, bettered my community and met amazing people. I often attribute programming to have moved me to join Key Club my freshman year. I joined Key Club three years ago and I instantly fell in love with it, at the end of my freshmen year I unsuccessfully ran for club Editor but I didn’t let that affect my passion and dedication for service. I stayed engaged as a Key Club member and I successfully won the Club Editor position. As club Editor my duties weren’t restricted to just what was required, I set up a twitter and Instagram account, and created an efficient way to track club statistics which changed the way we ran the club. Key Club has been my passion and life for the past three years and I know that with the work and dedication of all of you we can have an amazing service year.

In my term as District Webmaster I wish to achieve the following things:

1. Set up Google Analytics on

2. Revamp and redesign

3. Ensure all clubs in the district have a website by the 72nd annual DCON

4. Publish monthly newsletters that contain messages from me that will include updates about and websites of clubs in our district

5. Create informative website making tutorial videos to help clubs set up their own website

6. Maintain and utilize a District wide Remind group that includes the Executive Board, Club Presidents, Webmasters, and myself

7. Set up emails for the District Board of 2017-2018 that utilizes the domain

8. Implement a system where clubs can host their club website on the district website

9. Webmasters from various clubs can schedule video chats and calls so they can bring up any questions or concerns they have and I can also help them with their website

I am looking forward to communicating and working with all of you this year. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for the site don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am certain that we will be able to make this service year a one to remember, with that I leave you with a quote by Catherine Pulsifer, "You could consider a new beginning as the start of a new year. A fresh start, a new goal, a year to make your dreams come true. Be determined and persevere."

Yours in Caring and Service,

Svanik Shirodkar

District Webmaster

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