Advocacy (advəkəsē), n.- to speak on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

NJ District Programs committee is proud to announce this year's advocacy focus: mental health awareness - more specifically: Anxiety Awareness and Associated Disorders. Mental health, often a taboo topic, is a priority which NJ Key Clubs are highlighting this service year.

Many students, teachers, and parents are unaware of the signs and the importance of mental health which is why it is the NJ advocacy focus. Almost half of the American adolescent population has a diagnosable mental disorder (not counting general stress and anxiety as a result of elevated societal standards).

In order to address the different types of axiety-induced disorders and their comorbid disorders, NJ Key Club will be following bimonthly subfocuses for Mental Health; assigned as such:

Bi-Monthly Subfocuses

Month Focus
May - July Social Anxiety
August - September Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
October - November Comorbid General Anxiety and Depression
December - January Comorbid OCD and Eating Disorders
Febuary - March Panic Disorders