Advocacy (advəkəsē), n.- to speak on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Each year, the New Jersey District Board votes to pass a state-wide advocacy focus. The purpose of having an advocacy focus is to inspire students to serve their homes, schools, and communities by raising awareness for specific, relevant issues.

The advocacy focus for the 2023-2024 service year is Building a Greener Future: Environmentalism & Sustainability for a Thriving Planet.

This was chosen because of the importance of preserving the wellness of our planet as it is critical to all those who call it home.

That is why it is essential to raise awareness and provide ways Key Club members can involve themselves in environmental wellness efforts. Listed below are the bi-monthly sub focuses.

Bi-Monthly Subfocuses

Month Focus
June - July Eco-Friendliness (Plant More Trees)
August - September Better Methods of Transportation
October - November Waste disposal/Recycling Program
December - January Fast fashion/Sustainable fashion
Febuary - March Park Cleanliness Cleanups of Local Parks