District Project

We’re excited to announce that NJ Key Club’s new District Project will be “Education is the Key.” This project focuses on combating educational disparities in New Jersey and increasing quality access to education for children of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Currently, the state of New Jersey is ranked as one of the highest in quality of education, but many economically disadvantaged students experience a significant learning loss. Compared to their non-economically disadvantaged peers who had a learning loss in Math of about 33%, economically disadvantaged students experienced a learning loss in Math of approximately 43% during the first half of the pandemic in 2021. Furthermore, by the end of the school year, about 393,000 students in ELA and 430,000 students just in grades 3-8 will be below grade level. With COVID-19 making it difficult for schools to get their students on the right track, these statistics should be alarming for all of us not only students but also residents of New Jersey.

By focusing on education within the state of New Jersey, we can contribute together to lowering the learning gap created by the pandemic. Specifically, our project will provide greater access to books, provide greater access to learning tools, increase a child’s motivation to reach their full academic potential, and lead to improvement in self-confidence in the core subjects of Reading, Math, History, and Science.

Together, let’s ensure the success of all children’s futures in New Jersey!

Learn more about our District Project and get ideas for your club HERE.