Major Emphasis

Major Emphasis (ME) is a Key Club International focus that is based on the idea of helping children. Its slogan is “Children: Their Future, Our Focus.” Found in 1946 at Key Club’s first International Convention, Major Emphasis was established in order to help children all around the world and have created a global impact. The name of the Major Emphasis originally known as the Major Emphasis Program but was renamed as Major Emphasis during the recent 2011-2012 International Convention.

Major Emphasis focuses on serving preferred charities that also have focuses that are based on serving children and their futures. Some current preferred charities include but are not limited to charities like the Children’s Miracle Network and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

The Children’s Miracle Network and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are nationally established foundations that have the focus of specifically helping children. First started in 1983, it now contains over 170 hospitals throughout the United States in which nine of those are in the New Jersey District. One in every ten children report to the network to receive needed medical treatment. To date, it has raised over 4.7 billion to fund for research as well as helping children in need to pay for long term care or other ailments.

Key Club as well as other service partners have helped serve this foundation though fundraisers as well as service projects within the hospitals. Key Club alone has raised over 62 million through fundraising projects. These projects include things like selling balloons similar to the Children’s Miracle Network logo or having sponsored dance marathons or even just bake sales. Service projects such as visiting the hospitals to put on concert to cheer up children or helping rebuild the hospital’s garden to ameliorate the environment are also some of Major Emphasis’s goals.

Although the Children’s Miracle Network and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are one of Key Club’s largest preferred service partners, the ELIMINATE Project and UNICEF are some example of others that Major Emphasis works closely in order to serve the kids around the world and work towards a better future.