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It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself as the new Lieutenant Governor of Division 3 for the New Jersey District of Key Club International. My name is Charmaine Chew, and I am a current junior attending Hammonton High School in Hammonton. I am thoroughly honored to be a part of the largest, student-run, international community service organization in the world, and I plan to extend my personal love for service to other students in New Jersey through Key Club. My goal is to make Key Club a way of life. I want to tailor our members into caring and responsible young adults who are committed to service and the K-family.

My plan as Lieutenant Governor of Division 3 is simple: to better our relationships with the Key Club family and promote hands-on service to our members. Compared to other districts, the clubs in the rural towns of Division 3 have never really placed on Key Club’s New Jersey map. With luck, perseverance, and cooperation from my club officers, I plan to change that. The Lieutenant Governor serves as the student link between the clubs and the district, and I plan to improve those ties wherever possible. My friends all say that I am one of the most focused and driven people they know, and I plan to uphold that reputation by pouring everything I can into making our division more active in our local, divisional, district, and international communities.

I hope to institute new interdivisional communications so as to better plan for service activities, specifically hands-on community service. Personally, I have full respect for donation-based service such as charity drives and advocacy-based campaigns, but I want to organize more direct service events for our members to really feel what Key Club is all about. That being said, I still plan to put heavy emphasis on certain district advocacy programs such as Project Eliminate and organize some indirect charity opportunities. For example, in my own school, I personally organized a personal hygiene products drive to benefit the homeless youth living in the Covenant House; I plan to extend that project to the division and develop several others.

As a leader, I am told that I rule with an iron fist but a golden heart. In fact, my friends say my leadership style and personality is akin to that of a first-year college professor: I sound intimidating at first, but I do care about what I do and what I “teach.” I am not afraid to delegate tasks and expect them to be done, but as long as you do what you should be doing as Key Club members, you will be fine. I too will return the favor by keeping up with my own contacts and responsibilities. To my officers, I am not afraid to pester you if you are not doing what needs to be done, but my goal is to train my officers well so I do not need to.

My immediate priority is expanding communications. I plan to visit my clubs and introduce myself to my club officer elects before the summer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Otherwise, I wish you a great service year, and I am looking forward to working with you.

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