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It is with great excitement that I introduce myself as the new Lieutenant Governor of Division 15 of the New Jersey District of Key Club international for the 2014-2015 service year. My name is Darren Khong and I am currently a junior attending Millburn High School. I have been part of Key Club for the past two years and intend to take Division 15 to new heights in this next service year.

Originally, I was skeptical about joining Key Club and I did not know about what the organization did. I was unsure about why anyone would have an attraction towards a club that focused on creating keys. However, my sophomore year, I decided to join the K-Family after being dragged to a meeting by my friends. At first, joining Key Club seemed like a good way to fluff up my college application, but within the first few meetings, I knew this would be more than just a way to stand out on a piece of paper. I was inspired by the words of my advisor that have stuck with me throughout the entirety of my Key Club career: "we do not make keys, but we do open new doors". Since then, Key Club has continuously offered many opportunities for me to give back to the community, make new relationships, and establish myself as a passionate leader for service and change.

My sophomore year I served as a general member and became a Gold Member for my dedication to the club. This past January, I ran for and was elected to the position of Lieutenant Governor of Division 15. Now, I am ready to help serve my community, division, and district on a much larger scale.

I have set many goals for this service year, and they include:

It is important that you all know that these are just goals I have set for the division and myself. Your ideas and your ambitions are much more important to me, and I will do my best to incorporate them. At New Jersey District Convention 2014, our Key Note Speaker, Steve Siemens, emphasized the importance of my job and told me to keep in mind that I should always “serve first, and lead second”. That is exactly what I’m here to do; I am here to serve all of you, help you to reach your goals, and simultaneously work to fulfill my own. I hope to make your goals feasible and bring this division to new heights by working together towards our commongoal of serving the community.

Aside from my Key Club life, I also participate in other extracurricular activities. I have been of my school’s percussion section since fifth grade and also dabble in playing the piano and guitar. Like Key Club, music has been a large influence in my life as it serves as a way to express myself freely. As well, I have a strong interest in photography and hope to attend photography classes in the summer. In terms of sports, I do not participate in any school-run team however, I do enjoy playing in our school’s student-lead Ultimate Frisbee club during the fall and spring.

Please, do let me know more about yourselves! I really want to get to know each and everyone of you!

Always feel free to contact me at any time in any way you feel comfortable! I am open to all questions, comments, and suggestions!

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