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Salutations! My name is Jae Shin, I am from Tenafly High School, and I would like to introduce myself as the new Lieutenant Governor of Division 17 for the 2014-2015 service year. I joined Key Club my freshman year and unfortunately, I did not enter in the most graceful manner. I was, in a sense, dragged and pressured into joining this organization by my very own Peer Leader. I started out confused and oblivious to the world around me but Key Club has revealed the conditions of countries around the globe and, within me, has sparked the fiery desire to make a difference.

I am incredibly grateful that I was introduced to this fantastic organization because it has given me a chance to leave my mark on the world and to do so in a way that positively influences other people. During my freshman year, I was a general member of my home club, Tenafly Key Club. By sophomore year, I was elected Vice President and was distinguished at the end of the service year for the work I accomplished. This year, my junior year, I have the honor of serving as a Lieutenant Governor. My journey to this position has been filled with many experiences and has provided me with a skill set that will help me complete my duties thoroughly; for example, my position as Vice President taught me a lot about communication because I was responsible for acting as a liaison between outside organizations and my home club.

I did not come to the table empty-handed or without any goals. My main goals for this service year are:

Many of the clubs in Division 17 have trouble staying in contact with Key Club International due to school regulations and other obstacles; I will work to improve their relations with the other clubs in the division and in the district. I would like to allow more members to get the full Key Club experience by helping them attend major events like our Regional Training Conferences and Fall Rally. Up until now, I was never one to always act professional, but this year, I aim to balance a sense of formality with my normally fun-loving personality. Like a tossed pebble that creates ripples in a stagnant pond, I will be a factor of change through service to my division, the New Jersey District, and the world.

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