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Hello, I am Patrick Quinn and I am honored to be elected as the District Editor of the New Jersey District of Key Club international for the 2014 to 2015 service year. I joined Key Club in my freshman year not even knowing what the club was; I just knew that they were going to Six Flags Great Adventure and who would not want to go there. This event, fondly known to me now as Fall Rally, educated me on what Key Club really was and inspired me to be the best Key Club member possible.

That year I worked as a general member of the club. I volunteered for every event I could. I enjoyed every service project and volunteering event and I worked them with the proud spirit of Key Club. I ran for club editor in the spring and got elected. The love I had for this position was a driving force behind my choice to run for the District Editor. I was awarded the Distinguished Editor award which recognized the hard work and effort I put into the job. The next year I served as president of my club. In this position I worked to inspire the members of my club into service. Again I was awarded distinguished officer award for that position.

I am a very active member outside of Key Club. I have been involved with the Boy Scouts of America where I learned leadership and good character since I was a young. I am a varsity track athlete where I, as an experienced athlete, help out many of my younger teammates. I am also the Communications Editor for my school's robotics team. This job has given me experience with graphic arts and how to create newsletters and other PR materials. I hope each and everyone of these experiences will help me do the best I can in my position on the district hoard.

I plan for a big year ahead for the New Jersey District. I am excited to serve you all as the District Editor. I look forward to every event; from Regional Training Conferences to International Convention, I will hope to bring enthusiasm for service to all Key Club members I met. I aim to inspire everyone in the district to serve with every publication I create. I want to create Jersey Key issues that are artistically pleasing and informative that everyone will enjoy reading each issue.

I will serve you all as best anyone can, if not better. I hope to be not only a fellow K-Family member of the New Jersey District, but a helpful friend to all. I'm looking forward to a great year as the District Editor and I hope we can have a great service year together.

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