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My name is Samantha Levisay from Phillipsburg High School Key Club, and it is a pleasure to introduce myself as the New Jersey District Governor for the 2014-2015 service year.

Joining Key Club as a freshman I joined with the thoughts of filling up my college application, but I stayed for the service. Key Club is a phenomenal organization that has evolved me from a fervent follower to a bubbly, passionate leader. The most remarkable aspect of Key Club is that it truly is student led. Being a part of this organization has introduced opportunities to me as well as the student leaders of the world.

During my freshman year I served my club as a general member and achieved Golden Member. In my sophomore year I was my club’s editor and achieved distinguished club editor. Then, this past NJ District Convention I was honored to be named a Robert F. Lucas Lieutenant Governor award recipient. Serving as International Programs chair and DCON Theme chair I am confident that I have the experience and drive to lead this District with full attentiveness and skill.

Serving on the New Jersey District Board is a time consuming job. From writing Jersey Key articles to collecting dues there is always a job to be done and a duty to be fulfilled. Joining this board, every member knew of the seriousness and dedication they must have yet I have not met a single board member who regrets becoming a part of this family. I want to keep their enthusiasm and excitement peaked throughout the year while also achieving my goals.

My main goals of this year are:

My goals seem simple but they are the foundations to strengthening New Jersey Key Clubs and allowing for the members to foster a love for service and leadership. I have many ideas in store for this year, and I plan to lead this district with devotion. This service year, I hope to become not only a friend to my board but also a leader. I look forward to working with you to serve not only Key Clubs but the world.

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