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Salutations! My name is Brandon Tarabocchia, and I am pleased to write this letter of introduction as your Lieutenant Governor of Division 10 for the 2015-2016 service year. I have never held office in Key Club before, but I am one of the most active members of my home club, at Saint John Vianney High School in Holmdel, NJ. Although I lack the club office experience that some of the other LTG’s have that does not mean that my leadership skills are weaker than that of the other LTG’s in any way. I have full knowledge of how Key Club is structured and is supposed to be run. The erstwhile LTG, Brooke, has paved a path for me to follow in her footsteps and lead Division 10 to become one of the best divisions in New Jersey District. I originate from Howell, which is actually in another division of Key Club, but I could not be more excited to lead Division 10. I encourage and will assist Division 10’s superb Key Clubs to work with each other and grow together as a division this year.

Service has always played a ‘key’ role in my life. It has appealed to me on a level of more than just self-gain. It is much more important to me to see the impact of the service I have done and how it has changed people’s lives than to only be doing service for a pat on the back and a few community service hours on a log. The feeling of giving back to the world we live in is something very special, and is the reason why I will be focusing on sharing this experience across the entire division in the 2015-2016 service year. To do so, I have established the subsequential goals:

It is with my utmost certainty when I say that if we were to achieve these goals, we would indubitably become the best division in the New Jersey District. I look forward to meeting the Key Clubs in Division 10, and I hope to make this the best service year we can possibly have.

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