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I have the pleasure of introducing myself as the new Lieutenant Governor of Division 22 for the new service year of 2015-2016. My name is Ciara Clarkin and I am a freshman from Vernon Township High School. Before High School I was a part of other Kiwanis families like K-kids and Builders Club. However, for years I had been hearing from my brothers about the different fundraisers and service projects they helped in. It came with no surprise that my brother Ryan then proceeded to become Lieutenant Governor and then Governor of New Jersey. This opened up all new aspirations within me. My brother came home talking about the good he was doing in the world and how much fun he was having helping those that could not help themselves. How could I not join Key Club after that? When I finally attended a Key Club activity in High School I knew exactly what I wanted to do. The feeling you get when you help someone else is unparalleled in regular everyday life. The smiles I got when giving Christmas gifts to children, who wouldn’t receive any, cemented my decision. I had already attended District Convention the year before, but the magic that was that March weekend was nothing compared to the actual volunteering. I had the power to make others happy with just a few hours of service. That very fact resonates with me and as key clubbers, the power to help another resonates within you too. Whether you are a general member or an officer, we all have that power to make a positive change in somebody’s life. That power is the reason why I ran for Lieutenant Governor and will continue to dedicate myself to the New Jersey District of Key Club International. This next year I hope to work with all of you personally to make Division 22, as well as the rest of New Jersey, reach their full potential in serving our communities.

However I am not just a name and a position. When not participating in Key Club I am involved in Model UN as well as Mock Trial. My favorite hobby is, and probably forever will be, reading. When I’m not studying or doing homework for one of my classes, I am most definitely delved into a book. I might actually be a bit too obsessed with reading than what is considered “healthy”. When I’m stressed or just need to think I’m listening to various different genres of music. Within the realm of school, I take the highest courses possible, leaving long nights of studying.

The job of a Lieutenant Governor is a difficult one and includes a lot of responsibility. I find myself to be completely dedicated to Key Club and more than ready to take a larger role in serving our community. I may not be as old as many Lieutenant Governors but I believe in this volunteer organization and what it does that my age does not stand in my way. I will serve our division with 120% focus so we could become the absolute best we could be. With your help I want to touch more people with the power of service and as Lieutenant Governor I know I can accomplish this. I hope to work with you all personally in completing my goals for this new service year. Some of my goals include:

My excitement for this new service year cannot be described in words. I can’t wait to start working with you all. Know that you can contact me at any time, with any suggestions or concerns, as I am your liaison to the District board. You can call, text, email, or send me a message on Facebook and I’ll be sure to get back to as soon as possible with a response. Your opinions and views are what help strengthen the division so do not feel shy in coming to me for anything. Division 22 is capable of greatness and together we can reach new heights.

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