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It is with the highest privilege that I serve as Division 18’s Lieutenant Governor for this upcoming service year. Key Club has completely changed my perspective on life, and I wish to leave the same mark on everybody that I serve this next year. I am a Junior at Bloomfield High School, and since Freshman year, I have been completely committed to this organization. Serving as the Sophomore Director as a Sophomore and Vice President this past year, I have gained the proper experience to lead this division into success this next year.

I began my Key Club journey as a freshman, but I quickly drew away by November of that year, for reasons still unknown to me! However, one night, my older brother came home from what I believed was track practice, with a bag of chips and a can of soda. After asking where he got it from, he told me that it was from consessions that the Key Club was holding. I went to the next consessions event that they held, and decided to go to a meeting to see what else they were doing. From then on, I was hooked. In other words, if it weren’t for my brother bringing home food, I would not have been as involved as I am now!

Ever since then, Key Club has been a passion of mine, so I made sure that I made it a number one priority. I tried going into other after school activities, such as Cross Country, Stage Crew and Spanish Club, but none have even made the impact on my life as Key Club. Another one of my passions is Hip Hop. The culture has opened my eyes into artistic creativity, and as a rapper, I can express anything through the craft of writing. While many people may look down on the Hip Hop culture, I view it as a powerful outlet people of any age can relate to. As the wise KRS-One once said, "If Hip Hop has the ability to corrupt young minds, it also has the power to uplift them."

This upcoming service year, I have many goals to accomplish, but I will also need the help of everyone to make this as successful as possible! I hope to:

This upcoming service year is going to be a blast! I can not wait to work with each and every one of you! This year will have its ups and downs, but we will always be reminded of our common love for service. If you have ANY questions, please feel free to message me on Facebook, send me an E-mail or give a call! I will be more than happy to respond to any questions that you may have. Let’s have a great service year!

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