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My name is Josie Suddeth from Southern Regional High School and I am honored to serve as the New Jersey District Governor for the 2015-2016 Service Year.

Helping people and making them happy has always been my passion. When I heard from an upperclassman about a community service club called Key Club, I got very excited. However, from the moment I walked into the meeting, I knew Key Club isn’t a typical “volunteer club”; it is something far greater. It is a place where inspirational teens meet, make a global impact on the world, and develop leadership skills. Since joining, my passion for helping others has only strengthened and I have gained leadership qualities that I never would have thought were possible.

I have been heavily involved in Key Club since my freshman year. I was a historian and then vice president for my home club during the 2013-2014 service year. I was fortunate enough to serve as a Lieutenant Governor this past year in which I received the Robert F. Lucas Outstanding Lieutenant Governor Award for my work. I served as chair for the Midwinter committee and as a member of the International Programs, Fall Rally Program and DCON Workshops committees. Outside of Key Club, I am involved in my school’s musical, National Honor Society, Tri-M, Student Council, Class of 2016 Committee, different community theatres, and Saint Francis Teen Choir.

Serving the district board is a life changing experience. While I have been extremely busy, everything we do has a purpose and makes a positive difference in someone’s day. The district board has also opened my eyes to the impact our organization makes daily. Among many accomplishments, in the past 5 years, our district alone has raised over $271,000 for The Eliminate Project: saving approximately 150,556 mothers from MNT. How many high schoolers can say that they have saved a life? Key Clubs across our district continue to hold creative fundraisers and service projects for charities that they love. No matter what the cause, Key Clubbers cause smiles every day while serving their homes, schools and communities.

Some of my goals are as follows:

With these goals, I hope to not only improve our district but also individual clubs. By achieving growth in individual clubs, they become more active within the district and hence, our district grows. We can go nowhere but up on our path of service this year. I look forward to a year filled with service, growth, and fun as your District Governor.

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