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Hello, my name is Khush Patel and I am happy to be your new Lieutenant Governor of Division 21 for the 2014-2016 service year. I look forward to the new service year with great excitement and hope that we can accomplish a great deal in order to give back to our community. I am excited to be able to work closely to the entire K-family and all those who wish to be part of this great club.

Currently, I am a junior at Morris County School of Technology in the Academy of Health Care Sciences. I am an active member in my community, being part of the Jefferson Fire Squad and being a karate instructor for kids at a Martial Arts Center. I attend my Saturday religious school every weekend, which focuses on character development and service. In my school, I am an honorable member of Health Occupations Students of America and a key member of Key Club. In addition, I have been in Key Club for the past 3 years, and have held an officer position as treasurer. I have coordinated different service projects such as our school volleyball tournament. It has been a great experience, and has taught me a lot.

The Kiwanis Family and Key Club has been a very integral and motivating part of my life, affecting my life positively in many ways.It has taught me key leadership and organizing skills, and made me realize the power of volunteering and giving back to my home, school, and community. I have gaine dkey knowledge in all aspects of service from volunteering to charity walks to coordinating workships to empower others on their way to success.

My goals for the upcoming service year are:

With new and great projects coming way, especially with our new District Project, I hope we have a great and confident year full of excitement, service, and fun.

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