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It is with distinct pleasure that I introduce myself, Mark Ozdemir, as your new Lieutenant Governor of Division 15 of the New Jersey District of Key Club International for the 2015-2016 service year. In Division 15, there are eight clubs, ECLC, Madison, Summit, Millburn, Jonathan Dayton, Chatham, Columbia, and Union. With your help, we can improve our communities and lives.

Currently, I am a junior at Chatham High School and have been a part of Key Club for the past two years. I joined Key Club as a freshman with a lot of enthusiasm. For the past two years, I have consecutively earned most number of service hours for my dedication to the club. During my freshman year, I decided to attend District Convention of New Jersey, commonly known as DCON, where I learned what Key Club International represented on a larger scale and the true impact the club has on our society. I am a firm supporter of Key Club because it builds character, produces excellent leaders, creates an environment for teamwork, and promotes all members to build personal and caring relationships with others. Key Club truly does make keys; it makes the keys to a better and safer future. During the 2014-2015 Key Club service year, I increased my involvement by becoming Editor. In addition to Key Club, I participate in other extracurricular activities. For example, I am part of my high school’s Habitat for Humanity club chapter, which is involved in creating a habitable environment for those in need, Spanish Club, and Spanish National Honor Society. Furthermore, I have been playing piano since I was seven and am a part of my school’s wind ensemble percussion section. Similar to Key Club, music is an integral part of my life and an outlet to express myself. Moreover, I competitively swim on the Summit YMCA and my high school swim teams during the winter.

Key Club has given me many opportunities to build my community, create new personal relationships, and establish myself as an advocate of leadership and service. I am confident that we can work together to set goals and effectively accomplish them.

For the 2015-2016 service year, my objectives include:

It is very important that all clubs are united and work together to improve the division’s wellbeing as a whole. As Lieutenant Governor, I am always open to comments, questions, and new ideas. I am ready to serve my community, division, and district on a larger scale. With your support, we can make it a memorable service year. I look forward to meeting with all of you soon. Please feel free to contact me at any time!

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