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Greetings to all,

My name is Adam Snyder and I attend St. Augustine Preparatory School. I will be serving as the new Lieutenant Governor of Division 3 in New Jersey. During my freshman year, I was a very dedicated Key Club general member and put in many hours to reach our goals. In my sophomore year, I became the secretary to manage my club. As the year progressed, I felt that I could contribute much more so I took charge and led my club to achieve a higher standard. In my junior year, I became President of my Key Club and helped lead my club to the success it is today.

At school, I am on the President’s List and am also the President of Chinese Club, a club that I created at my school to help students become acquainted with the Chinese language and culture. I also enjoy playing squash and tennis.

My goals for Key Club include better communication and having more joint events with clubs in the same division. Communication is key, it is important that we keep in contact. We must be on the same page and understand each other's plans and goals. Communication should not be one way, I will expect you to email me updates and issues when requested. I am here to help make your club strong and successful. I hope to be a friend to all, to get things done, and to make Key Club an enjoyable experience for all members.

Yours in caring and service,

Adam Snyder

Lieutenant Governor of Division 3

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