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Hello New Jersey District of Key Club International,

My name is Brandon Bauer and I am honored to serve as Lieutenant Governor of Division 1 for the 2016-2017 service year.

Over the last three years in Key Club, I have always been one of those people that are driven to help others. I’m not sure if it is the connections I create with new people or the sheer joy of just helping others that inspires me, but whatever it is, I want to keep my drive going. With service in mind, some of the other extracurriculars I take part in at my school are Peer Leaders, National Honors Society, Spanish Honors Society, Future Business Leaders of America, Varsity Swimming, Renaissance, and I have also been recently elected Student Body President of my school. With all those others clubs and organizations in mind, I still plan on giving Key Club my utmost devotion. I want to lead not only one of the biggest clubs in my school in the right direction, but all of the others schools that are in my division.

With the help of Key Club International and now becoming Lieutenant Governor, I plan on expanding my reaches and helping other clubs and divisions in my area. Here are a few goals I have over the next service year.

As a little memoir to Mishell’s resignation, I just want to say that I will, without a doubt fill her spot with as much dedication as I possibly can. I know that it will be tough in the beginning to get in the groove of things, but I am certainly looking forward to the connections I will make and the service that will be done, from Fall Rally to helping the NJ Federation of Food Banks.

Yours in Caring and Service,

Brandon Bauer

Lieutenant Governor of Division 1

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