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Hello New Jersey District of Key Club International,

I hope you are having a wonderful day so far! My name is Ciara Clarkin and for the next year I will be serving you as your 2016-2017 District Treasurer. I am originally from the mountains of Division 22, the home of the northernmost club that also doubles as my home club, Vernon Township High School.

This year is my second in the splendiferous organization that is Key Club. Previously I have served as a general member and a Lieutenant Governor. I first began Key Club my freshman year, a very confusing time for anyone. I had an older friend in Key Club and instead of reading a book like I was all weekend, they were getting involved in their community. They were touching people’s lives, and I wanted to help people be happy like they were. Being the weird, nerdy child I was, I was pretty socially awkward and knowing what I did about Key Club, I hoped it would bring me out of my shell. As I write this letter as District Treasurer, I am very happy to say that my plan worked.

At this point in my high school career, key club comes as readily as breathing. Key Club is my life, I come home I do Key Club work, I wake up in the middle of the night and do Key Club work, it is pretty consistent. For me Key club and High School go hand in hand, Being District Treasurer only allows myself to become even more involved in serving New Jersey and making more people around the world happy every day.

However, despite my continuous dedication to the K-Family, I am involved in other extracurricular activities. I am an active participant in Model UN, which I enjoy tremendously when we go to the competition in Jersey City. Between my involvement in Key Club and Model UN I can be found doing homework, reading books, and talking over skype.

My goals as District Treasurer, can be most easily described by the acronoym BARC.

Again, I am incredibly honored to serve as District Treasurer for New Jersey Key Club. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns about dues, events and just about anything Key Club. I look forward to seeing you all at Regional Training Conferences!

Yours in Caring and Service,

Ciara Leonor P. Clarkin

District Treasurer

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