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Dear Division 21 of the New Jersey District,

It is an honor to serve you all as your Lieutenant Governor of Division 21 for the 2016-2017 service year. My name is Courtney Vita and I look forward to this new service year with great excitement. I am hopeful to achieve service opportunities to build our communities and to make an impact even greater than last year. Currently, I am a sophomore at Morris Knolls High School and have been involved in Key Club for 2 years. Last year, I was Vice President of my club and I had the opportunity to serve my home, school and community. As a club, we fundraised for the district project, organizations throughout our community, and various service projects. Taking on the role as LTG for Division 21 is going to be a tough and enduring process, which I know I will be able to take on and make the best of with my work ethic, my skills and mostly my drive.

A lot of my time is focused on key club, but outside of key club I am involved in various activities. I run cross-country in the fall and in the spring I run track and field. Also, I am a part of Spanish Club, Student Government and Ski Club. As well, outside of school, I have been doing karate for 13 years now and I have achieved a third degree black belt and am working towards my forth degree, which I should get before I graduate high school.

My goals for the 2016-2017 service year:

Have more members attend district events such as DCON, Fall Rally, etc.

Have 100% CMRFs from all clubs and on time each month

Have all dues paid by the early bird deadline

Increase active club membership in all schools

Visit all clubs at least once

Have all officers trained by Fall Rally

Hold a divisional event and a multidivisional event

Receive the Robert F. Lucas outstanding Lieutenant Governor Award

Yours in caring and service,

Courtney Vita

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