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Dear Members of Division 7,

It is with great pleasure that I am able to introduce myself to you all as Division 7’s Lieutenant

Governor and will have the honor to be serving you throughout the 2016-2017 service year. My name is Hannah Nivar and I am currently a freshman at the Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science known as MATES.

When I joined Key Club, I had previously heard a lot about the great service projects and hard-working students that originated from this club, and was enthusiastic for what the service year had in store for me. No matter how prepared I thought I was to join this club, I could have never made myself ready for the change Key Club would make in my life. I can personally tell you that Key Club has become my creative outlet through which I can be myself and let my passion towards helping those in need really be expressed. It has made me realize all of the opportunities that are available for you if you are willing and confident.

Although this is my first official year as a member, I do not remember a time when Key Club was not a part of my life. Growing up with my older cousins becoming the club president of their school’s chapter for consecutive years and the stories they shared with me about how they helped others, made me think about what I wanted to do for my community. When one of my cousins recently became Lieutenant Governor of their division, they had me ecstatic for the future Key Club would create for me.

Outside of Key Club, I am part of my school’s Relay f or Life Team, Student Council, Spanish Club and Project Terrapin, where students take care of and help raise awareness for Northern Diamondback Terrapin turtles. Back at my home school, I am a member of the Pineland Regional Junior National Honor Society and Science Club. I enjoy playing on Pineland Regional’s soccer team and attend ballet and pointe classes at my local dance studio. What is left of my spare time, I dedicate to the bettering of my community by volunteering at my local library, schools and churches. Throughout all of my activities, I have been able to execute my time management skills and keep up my levels of productivity.

Speaking of productivity, Key Club always manages to keep me on my toes, whether it be getting ready to participate in an upcoming service project for my club or attending district wide events. Some of my goals for this service year are to:

Make sure all dues are paid by the Early Bird deadline

Have all clubs complete 100% Club Monthly Report Forms Train all officers before September of 2016

Visit each club twice before the end of the service year

Strengthen the communication and relationships between the clubs in Division 7 Charter a Builders Club and K-Kids

Increase attendance to divisional and district events Have a fun-filled service year!

Always keep in mind that my job is to be a resource to you, serving as a liaison between the District Board and the clubs in our division. If there are any questions or suggestions you may have, feel free to contact me via phone call, text message, email, etc. If you ever need to talk about ways to help your clubs grow or even simply just to talk about your school day, I am always willing to be a friend to others. I hope you are all just as excited as I am for the new 2016-2017 service year. I look forward to working with each and every one of you!

Yours in Caring and Service,

Hannah Nivar

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