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Hello Everyone,

It is with great honor and excitement that I introduce myself to you as the new Division 9 Lieutenant Governor for the 2016-2017 service year! My name is Mallory Solazzo and I am currently a sophomore at the Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST).

I started Key Club at the beginning of my freshman year and have been an active member from the beginning. I held the position of freshman representative my first year, which allowed me to witness firsthand all of the dedication and progressive change that Key Club provides. Since then, my passion for Key Club continues to grow with each additional event that I become involved with.

I remember attending my first official Key Club meeting in my freshman year and having the room look like it consisted of my entire school. I was scared and didn’t talk much to anyone because it all seemed very intimidating. As the meeting went on, I saw the genuine effort being made by the officers and how many service projects were already up and running due to the dedicated Key Club members. I also saw their smiling faces, willingness to get involved, and willingness to involve others, and my interest in Key Club increased further. I decided to get more involved with Key Club and attended various events in my freshman year. My admiration and love for Key Club only grew in my sophomore year. I remember meeting all of the New Jersey District board members at Fall Rally and laughing along at their corny jokes and being inspired by the engrossing service projects. I then went to Key Leader in early December, where I met many more new people. At Key Leader, through breakout sessions and group exercises, I learned the importance of trusting my team members and working together for a common cause. I also made lasting friendships and learned valuable life lessons that will stay with me forever. Key Club in the past two years has inspired me and taught me so much and I’m looking forward to having an active role and to help continue to grow our great organization.

In addition to Key Club, I am also involved in various other clubs at my home high school. I am a member of our school’s Academic Team, Drill Team, Technology Student Association, and Yearbook. I also am involved in Girl Scouts, where I am working towards my Gold Award. Lastly, I play soccer and am a 2nd degree black belt in karate.

Key Club over the past two years has shaped me, challenged me to be a better person, and has afforded me with some of the greatest experiences of my life. I look forward to many more amazing experiences with all of you! In order to make this a successful year here are some goals I have set for myself:

Promote unity between the division and the district

Train 100% of my officers by Fall Rally 2016

Build at least one (1) new Key Club

Have 100% of my dues paid by the early bird deadline (November 1st)

Have higher attendance at District Events (Fall Rally and District Convention)

Hold a divisional council meeting once every two months (6 in total)

Have all Club Monthly Report Forms (CMRFs) handed in by the due date, the 7th of the month

Release ten (10) newsletters

Hold at least three (3) divisional events or service projects

Have a successful service year and have fun!

I am looking forward to working with all of you to accomplish these goals and to ensure a fun-filled, memorable, inspirational, and life-changing service year. I am here to be a liaison between the District Board and Division 9, so any questions or anything else you need, please don’t hesitate to contact me through texting, calling, emailing, Facebook or anything else you can think of. I hope you are as ready and as excited for this service year as I am!

Yours in Caring and Service,

Mallory Solazzo

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