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Dear Division 6, Key Club Officers, Advisors, New Jersey District Board, and the Kiwanis Committee,

My name is Rashi Bhatt and I am very honored to say that I will be serving you all as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 6 for the 2016-2017 service year for the New Jersey District Key Club. I am currently a junior attending North Brunswick Township High School, and I have been a part of Key Club since the beginning of my sophomore year. I was a general member my sophomore year and then a secretary my junior year. Along with being a part of Key Club, I am also a part of the Model United Nations club, Student Government Organization, and I play the cello.

I am so blessed and fortunate to say that I was given the opportunity to be the Lieutenant Governor of Division 6 halfway through this past service year for a couple of months! During the few months I had with my division, I came to learn so much about not only Key Club as a whole, as a community, and as an organization that never fails to unite everyone, but I also came to learn a lot about a part of New Jersey I seemed to have been oblivious to before all my life. Being able to talk to my fellow members about their experiences in high school, in Key Club, working with different organizations, and the evolution of Key Club in their community was just simply amazing, and I believe I can never properly express how grateful I am to have had that opportunity.

Having talked to members before, I understand the struggles that division 6 faces currently and I am making it my main goal is to successfully hold as many Divisional Council Meetings (DCMs) and divisional events as possible, as well as helping out in this year’s district project - the NJ Federation of Food Banks - and make Division 6 the best division there is in New Jersey! I want to help each club work on doing service work that excites and interests them, that can be specialized for just their club or be multi-purposed and can incorporate all clubs, and hope that I can make Key Club a big part of everyone’s lives.

The goals I have set for this service year are:

Meet and train 100% of Division 6 officers by fall

Help clubs maintain strong relationships with each other

Hold at least 1 divisional projects and 1 interdivisional event

Improve our divisional and district event attendance and participation

Have more members attend district events such as DCON, Fall Rally, etc.

Have 100% CMRFs from all clubs and on time each month

Have all dues paid by the early bird deadline

Visit all clubs at least once

It has been a great pleasure working with everyone from last year, and I can’t wait to meet the new members that will join us this new year! Contact me anytime about anything via email, call, text, and Facebook Messenger. And please, send me any suggestions you may have already on an idea of what your club, individually, or our entire division can start working on as an event to hold or organization we can collaborate with. I believe in the magic that Key Club permeates through our lives, especially during the times we don’t realize it’s happening.

Yours in Caring and Service,

Rashi Bhatt

Lieutenant Governor of Division 6

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