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Dear Division 14,

It is with great honor that I announce that I am to be your new Lieutenant Governor for the 2016-2017 service year. My name is Rohan Mekala and I am currently a sophomore at JP Stevens High School. My Key Club journey started much earlier than most. When I was eleven-years old, my sister was elected to be a Lieutenant Governor for the New Jersey District. Ever since that day, Key Club has had a pervading role in my life. From accompanying my sister to various service events to attending the closing ceremony of DCON, I was able to experience the power and meaning of not only what this club offered, but what it stood for. Naturally, after entering high school, one of my first actions was to sign up for this club. As a freshman, I immersed myself in service, trying to be as active as possible as a general member. It was in my freshmen and sophomore years that I rediscovered and further kindled the passion I had had for Key Club as a child, resulting in my running for Lieutenant Governor.

Key Club to me is more than just a club, it’s a passion. Key Club is special in that it doesn’t just let you volunteer and make an impact in your community, it brings you closer to friends and lets you meet some of the most genuine people around. In addition, because as a Key Clubber, you are part of an international organization, everything you do has a bigger impact and it lets you make the change that you desire.

Key Club is undoubtedly my true passion, but I am also involved in various other organizations in and out of school. Mainly, I am a Boy Scout, member of my school mentoring program and a writer for the school newspaper. In the future, I hope to join multiple Honor Societies and join the Waksman Student Scholars Program.

As Lieutenant Governor for the upcoming service year, I hope to:

Have all officers trained before summer Collect all dues by November 1st Increase member count and involvement in all clubs Plan at least two divisional events Become a Robert F Lucas Distinguished Lieutenant Governor

Yours in Caring and Service,

Rohan Mekala Lieutenant Governor of Division 14 of the New Jersey District of Key Club International

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