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My name is Sean Quinn, and I will be serving as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 13 for the 2016-2017 Service Year. I’m a sophomore at Hunterdon Central High School. When I first started high school, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do club wise in the school. I decided to join Key Club in hopes to find out more about what it was and what they did and so I could help give back to the community. During my first year I was just a General Member and went to different events with my school. Then I went to my first few RTCs to learn more about Key Club and that’s when I started to truly discover my love for Key Club. Then when December came, I went to my first Key Leader. I met so many people that I have continued to keep in contact with and my love for this organization grew immensely. When the time came, I decided to run for the position of Editor in my club. I’ve been serving as Editor since then, but I still continued to get involved on the district level. I kept looking for new ways to expand my connections with people and the organization through DCON and ICON. After almost another year in Key Club, I knew that I wanted to be as involved as I possibly could be. I intend to use this position to hopefully show the love for Key Club that I have and hopefully share it with everyone else.

Within school, I don’t do much else besides Key Club and Track. Outside of school, I’ve been in Boy Scouts for several years now. I’ve been leading my fellow scouts as one of the leaders within the troop and I currently serve as the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, which is the second highest position in the troop. I have done lots of work with Boy Scouts and I’m extremely close to achieving the rank of Eagle. I think that through my activities I have become a better leader, and can work with others more efficiently. I plan to utilize these skills to help me better work with Division 13 throughout this service year.

I hope that through this service year together we can accomplish all kinds of things and become an extremely strong and a well-functioning division. I plan to help this division in every way that I can and hope to accomplish the following together:

Collect 100% due by November 1 Have all 100% of Officers trained by halfway through the service year Strength communication between clubs in the Division Increase the general member activity in clubs Hold at least 2 divisional events

I ensure everyone that I will accomplish what I have listed above and even more. I hope that throughout this service year that we can work together to better Division 13 and make the 2016-2017 Service Year one of our best service years yet.

Yours in Caring and Service,

Sean Quinn LTG of Division 13

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