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Hello New Jersey District of Key Club International,

My name is Vanessa Ting, and I am from Parsippany Hills High School. I am truly honored to serve as your 2016-2017 Lieutenant Governor for Division 20.

I joined Key Club as a freshman not because I wanted to change the world, nor because I wanted to join the largest service organization in the world. As the confused, awkward, and utterly lost freshman I was, I simply joined Key Club because it was something that my sister had done. Three years later, now as a junior, little would I know how much Key Club would change my life. As cliché as that might sound, I remember running for club editor my freshman year and not even being able to look at the members because I was so nervous; two years later, because of my experiences with public speaking and communicating in Key Club, I am now able to actually look at the people I am talking to.

More importantly, I have learned that service does not just have to involve elaborate service projects or fundraising hundreds of dollars for the district project: contributing to your community can be something as little as making someone smile in a local parade.

Just so you get to know me as a person, and beyond a name or a position, outside of Key Club I am a member of FBLA and DECA. I also spend much of my time taking daily naps and eating food at all hours of the day.

In all seriousness, through my experiences, I have truly and personally understood the power of Key Club. To strengthen and unite our division, I plan to:

Hold two divisional events

Train all club officers before Fall Rally

Meet quorum for all five Divisional Council Meetings

Build a K-Family club in the division

Establish a Division 20 Instagram account

Above all, my most important priority is to communicate with all clubs and members. Please do not hesitate to contact me through any means if you have any questions or concerns, and keep me updated with your upcoming events and goals! Here in Key Club, we do not make keys, we make a difference – and I hope that we can make a difference together.

Yours in caring and service,

Vanessa Ting

Lieutenant Governor of Division 20

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