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On Wednesday, July 29th, Key Clubbers along with several other teens in the state attendedthe Community Food Bank of NJ's Annual Teen Summer Institute.

The day began with an advocacy workshop, which discussed about 1 of 6 people (49 million), do not have enough money to eat. One reason for this is household incomes are minimal, leaving families to choose whether to pa for rent, child care, health care transportation, and/or food. The day proceeded with volunteering in the Food Bank warehouse. In the warehouse, volunteers helped sort and pack food items for soup kitchens, pantries, and other social programs served by the FoodBank.

As the day continued, attendees learned how climate change affects food. Climate change can lower nutritional value in fruits and vegetables; it also reduces the amount of crops produced from a given amount of land.

The final workshop was about nutrition. When a family has an allotted amount of money to spend on three meals, it's difficult to buy cheap nutritional meals. Many families resort to buying junk food instaed.

THe overall institute experience was an eye-opening one. There's so much that takes place when a hungry family tries to buy food for their loved ones, along with when a food bank provides for those in need. It was great to learn about the NJ District Project more in depth. With the help of everyone, maybe one day this world will be hunger free!