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Caring, initiative, and experience are three of the many benefits that come from being a member of Key Club. Key Club is one of the largest student-run international organizations in the world. There are over 5,000 high schools who participate in this international organization. This is not just a club to get volunteer hours, it is an organization that benefits each member in a long-term basis and allow a person to make a difference in society. The members are what makes this club successful. Every small action they do impacts another person in one way or another. Key Club International is always in need for more dedicated high school students to help contribute to your home, school, and community. The purpose of this subcommittee, Key Club Growth, is to help spread the message that only word person is needed to make a change. This year’s goals are to increase the number of Key Clubs in the New Jersey District and have more people aware of this organization. The Key Club Growth subcommittee is also a resource for Lieutenant Governors who want to charter new clubs and have the process occur without any difficulty. Key Club is the first step to becoming a leader in a lifetime of service. Every step taken with this organization is a step to change the world.