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The Kiwanis Family, a global service organization, consists of millions of dedicated members that perform acts of service for their homes, schools, and communities. The Kiwanis Family can be branched into several different clubs; many of which pertain to certain age groups (i.e. high school students are members of Key Club). In short, this organizations seeks to educate members on how to improve their character and leadership while transforming communities worldwide.

The New Jersey Key Club District has a District Programs Committee that can be broken down into other subcommittees. The K-Family Relations subcommittee will be the focus of this article as this subcommittee has responsibilities that help to expand Key Club further. Essentially, member(s) of this subcommittee get in contact with K-Family club branches and build connections between Key Club and another target clubs. This helps to build a bridge between unity and different ideas that may be incorporated into both clubs. In addition, member(s) are in charge of updating the other committee members on any K-Family clubs created within the New Jersey District, relaying any information regarding K-Family Branches like when they hold meetings, events, etc. to the committee, and attempting to establish projects and collaborative goals that may prove beneficial to both clubs.

In a nutshell, the K-Family Relations subcommittee is obliged to creating connections and different contacts between Key Club and other K-Family branches to ensure unification and effectiveness in terms of more service/fundraising projects. The more correspondence Key Club has, the stronger the organization becomes which will allow it to transform the world.