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What is the District Programs Committee?

The District Programs Committee focuses on advocacy and the entire K-Family relationship. The committee chooses the advocacy focus for the service year for the entire New Jersey District of Key Club International. It also works to organize and strengthen relations between the different K-Family Branches in the New Jersey District. District Programs is comprised of three subcommittees: Advocacy, K-Family Growth, and K-Family Relations. Co-chairs of this committee are Lieutenant Governor Tara Engelken of Division 9, and Lieutenant Governor Brooke Willemstyn of Division 10.

What does the Advocacy Subcommittee do?

The Advocacy Subcommittee is focused on raising awareness about the district advocacy project which is hunger in the United States. It aims towards conducting service projects rather than fundraising. Through hands-on projects and advocacy, the campaign strives to make a difference in the district on the topic of hunger. Lieutenant Governor Dianna and Lieutenant Governor Devin of Divisions 2 and 12 respectively serve as co-chairs to this subcommittee. They have helped shape the focus for the 2014-2015 service year, and are looking into the ways to expand upon it. Alongside working with Students Change Hunger, a competition created by the Federation of New Jersey Food Banks to challenge students to raise food for the less fortunate, Dianna and Devin are looking into several other creative options to raise awareness for domestic hunger, and are sure to make great strides this service year.

What does the K-Family Growth Subcommittee do?

K-Family Growth strives to create new K-Family clubs. Whether it’s a Key Club, K-Kids Club, Builders Club, or another branch, the purpose is to increase the number of service clubs throughout the district. The goal is to create 1 Kiwanis, 1 Key Club, 1 K-Kids, and 1 Builders Club by District Convention 2015. Alex Marino, Lieutenant Governor of Division 1, has begun to seek out target clubs to further expand the New Jersey District. He hopes to exceed the required goal of created clubs, and we believe he will undoubtedly succeed.

What does the K-Family Relations Subcommittee do?

K-Family Relations’ goal is to strengthen the relationship between the K-Family clubs in the New Jersey District. They promote events with other branches of the K-Family and keep the circle of K-Family information flowing through out the district. Chair Bobbie Boettinger, Lieutenant Governor of Division 19 has worked feverishly in assembling directories, contacting Circle K, and working on events hoped to be held later on in this service year. She hopes to expand these connections so the New Jersey District can see projects incorporating every branch of the K Family.