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Hunger isn’t just a distant concept. It’s sitting next to you on the bus, living in the house across the street, sitting on the bleachers behind you at practice, and working in the cubicle next to you. Hunger affects so many people daily – it’s an ongoing struggle. 7.7 million times annually someone is fed by a foodbank. Many people can’t even fathom what that number means, which in turn distances it from them. However, hunger is anything but distant. In NJ alone, 900,000 residents struggle with hunger, and 1 in 8 residents rely on food banks or other means of food assistance.

As a district, we have pledged to reduce these numbers – to help our homes, our schools, and our communities. Hunger hurts all of these – and we hope to aid all of these by aiding the NJ Federation of Food Banks. We can help, and we will help this service year!

As a district, we have set up three goals that we aim to meet with flying colors.

For our food collection goal, we hope to raise 56,000 pounds of food donations. The 5 is for the 5 food banks in the NJ Federation of Food Banks, and the 6 is for the 6 locations. There are many ways we can meet this total, including but not limited to:

We can collect cans at club meetings, DCMs, RTCs, divisional events, etc. We can hold Kan-struction events, and other food-related events that will bring in the community. We can stand outside of our local stores and ask each customer to purchase cans during their shopping.

Continually, we hope to raise $60,000, which would be $10,000 for each location of the NJ Federation of Food Banks. This amount of money would provide so many meals to the members of our society who cannot afford to buy meals themselves. There are endless ways to fundraise this money, such as:

We can hold club collections, ask for donations at events, hold fundraising nights at local restaurants who then donate a certain percentage of their profit, and carry around shakers at special events!

Lastly, we hope to achieve 10,000 service hours. From serving food to those in need, to packaging and sorting cans at local banks or pantries, every single Key Clubber can make a difference with just a little of his or her time.

Our community has been weakened by hunger, and our community needs our help! We can all unite and make a difference, and this 2016-2017 service year, we aim to weaken hunger so it can stop weakening us!