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A brief introduction to the International Programs Committee

International Programs is the focus of Key Club on a global scale. It takes the core values and enthusiasm from Key Clubbers and extends it across the country. From teaching members at Key Leader and ICON to connecting with outside organizations such as UNICEF, the International Programs Committee seeks to spread the message of Key Club to other communities. It combines the service of members with the assistance and dedication of partner organizations to better assist the entire world.

The various subcommittees of the International Programs Committee


Lieutenant Governor Thomas Michael has been working on the International Convention subcommittee for International Programs, and so far, he has created an ICON flyer for each Lieutenant Governor to send out to their clubs. With some help from Lieutenant Governor Nate and Lieutenant Governor Latifa he was able to establish a very nice flyer for our district mailing. He will be attending ICON and will be prepared to write a recap on our adventure in California. Additionally, Thomas is working on a trifold for the ICON service fair! ICON is very rapidly approaching and Thomas is very excited for the great experiences he will have there.


Key Club International has three main service partners, one of which being UNICEF. It is the only organization from the United Nations that focuses on children nearly exclusively. UNICEF shares the Kiwanis family’s universal dedication to children and service by providing extensive resources and leadership to help eliminate Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) permanently. Over the years, Key Club has been a primary advocate of UNICEF. Since 1994 Key Club has raised almost $5 million towards the elimination of Iodine Deficiency Disorder.

Key Club and the other branches of the Kiwanis family are working with UNICEF for the Eliminate Project. The Eliminate Project is a global campaign to raise money to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus from the world. Tetanus is a deadly disease that comes from spores in the dirt. During unsafe birthing routines, these spores are able to enter the mother and baby’s bodies causing infection. The first few hours of the baby’s life is filled with excruciating pain and sensitivity to even a mother’s touch. Key Club’s goal is to raise $110 million by the end of the 2015 service year. The most popular way Key Clubbers work with UNICEF is in fall with Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. During October, leading up to Halloween, Key Clubbers collect loose change from students throughout school days and they also ask for change instead of candy when they go Trick-or-Treat. Some even establish competition to see who can raise the most money! Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF can happen almost anytime you go out or see your friends, so always have your little box by your side!

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF although the most popular is not the only way to raise money for UNICEF. Clubs can implement their own ideas to raise funds for such a great cause!

March of Dimes

March of Dimes is an organization that works to raise both money and awareness about thousands of premature births that happen every year. There are walks organized by March of Dimes set to raise funds and awareness. All that is required of members is to walk with both friends and strangers toward the common goal. March of Dimes has supported causes spanning from the fight against polio to defending babies and mothers. The program was established by FDR over fifty years ago, and continues to raise awareness and funds for its goals. The money they raise is used for research that helps to protect babies and mothers everywhere. This year our district intends to raise $8,100. This represents that out of every 8 babies to be born, 1 will be premature.

Join the March! Walks take place during the spring and there should be a one near you. If you can get at least 18% of your club to attend, you will win an award at District Convention! Bring as many people as you can- friends, family, peers- to stand together and take part in the March!

The Children's Miracle Network

The Children's Miracle Network is one of Key Club's three preferred charities. CMN is an non-profit organization that works around the world to raise funds for children's hospitals, medical research, and community awareness. They have given over $4 billion to over 170 hospitals.

Key Club works to help these hospitals by volunteering to spend time with patients and raise money through various fundraisers. Currently, the New Jersey District focuses on Children's Specialized Hospital, that has locations in Toms River, Egg Harbor Township, Clifton, Fanwood, Hamilton, Mountainside, New Brunswick, and Roselle Park.

Our service goal for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals is 1,704 hours of volunteering. The 4 represents the $4 billion donated, and the 170 represents the 170 hospitals that are a part of the network.

Not only will volunteering make the day of a patient, it will make yours as well!

Relay for Life

May is Cancer Awareness Month. One major event during this time is Relay For Life, run by the American Cancer Society. This community event allows everyone to remember those who have passed, remember those have beat their battle, and to fundraise for the costs of medical care and research to end this terrible disease. Held in over 20 countries in over 5000 events, Relay For Life has more than 4 million people participate annually.

How can my Key Club help fight cancer through Relay for Life?

Clubs can make teams and raise money. Not only would you be fundraising, but it would also be a social event. Promote the ability to have fun, walk, and talk during the Relay. Key Clubbers can also serve on the committee to help plan the actual event. To publicize the event, clubs can also “paint the town purple” to spread awareness for cancer and get the word out about the local Relay for Life. Southern Regional in Manahawkin runs the Survivors Dinner in which cancer survivors are fed and view centerpieces relating to the theme. They also paint their school purple by putting “I CAN” signs up and by changing the bulletin board paper to purple. This annual event not only creates plenty of hours, but it also makes the Key Clubber feel good about helping to fight such a terrible illness. For more information about Relay for Life or an event near you, visit!

Key Leader

Key Leader is a Kiwanis-run educational program that provides life-changing experiences to teach students about how to become better leaders through various workshops, team building exercises, a ropes course, and so much more. Another important part of this event is that all attendees are broken into teams, or “neighborhoods,” made up of students from around the area. This allows you to meet new people and forge new connections while simultaneously building your skills as a leader. This event is open to all high school students and 8th graders looking to become better servant leaders. Key Leader will be held from December 5th-7th at Cross Roads Camp in Port Murray, New Jersey. The cost for this weekend is $200 and includes great food, rooming, and obviously fun. Key Clubbers receive a discount, and if you have been to the event before, you can apply to be a student facilitator to receive an additional discount. Registration is completed online. For more information about Key Leader, ask your Lieutenant Governor or visit!


The Youth Opportunity Organizations or Outside Organizations is a subcommittee regarding the International Programs committee. As members of this subcommittee, our main goals are to spread the word about other outside organizations that we do not specifically endorse as a District and to promote the Youth Opportunities Fund. This fund allows members serve the world by providing grants for service opportunities that may need more funding. We are also responsible for speaking about an outside organization at Fall Rally in order to spread the word to over 3,000 Key Clubbers about another worthy charity. We spread the word of our subcommittee through articles like this when asked by District Webmaster Srikar or District Editor Patrick and create flyers to be distributed to the district. Regarding our service to lieutenant governors, we create flyers and articles to be distributed in their newsletters so that their divisions can learn about the world of different charities regularly. In summation, we work together to serve the New Jersey District and spread the word that there is a world of charities and people that need our help beyond the charities specifically endorsed by the New Jersey District. We are spreading the love of service on a broader scale. If you have any questions regarding the Youth Opportunities Fund or if your club is looking for an upcoming, worthy charity to help, please contact Lieutenant Governor Josie Suddeth!